• Earn $10 in PCTR Race Credits for every hour worked. 
    • (4 hrs = $40)
    • (3.5 hrs = $35)
  • Volunteer 8+ hour shift and earn $40 bonus credits for event
  • Earn 2X Credits for bad weather volunteering in rain.
  • Earn 2X Credits from 8pm to 6am. (Headlands & Night Sweats Only)
  • Receive the coveted PCTR "Go run a trail." shirt. Must volunteer a minimum of 5 hours to get the shirt.
  • Enjoy a meal from our Post Race BBQ Chef Team.
  • If you are entered in an event and bring a friend or family to help volunteer a few hours or more, then you can earn their credits for another race... that is if they don't run. ;-)
  • All credits must be used in one year from the time earned or they will expire.
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